Competition Sponsorships

PicubeShop sponsors cubing competitions worldwide.


We only sponsor WCA competitions currently. The top 3 of each event will get Picubeshop voucher with no min spend. Minimum requirement of 50 participants is required for competition sponsorship.

Competitions with 50~100 competitors

1st Place $15
2nd Place $10
3rd Place $5

Competitions with over 100 competitors
Events 3x3 Other Events
1st Place $30 $20
2nd Place $20 $15
3rd Place $15 $10

For Continental / National Championships:

Contact us for detailed information at


If you are a competition organizer, please send an email to with the subject 'Competition Sponsorship'.
Make sure you include the following information in the email:

  • Competition details as well as the link to the competition
  • Expected competitor numbers for each event and competitor limit
  • Quantity of cube covers (We will provide cube covers and business cards)