MAX Lube Bundle
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MAX Lube Bundle

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Get both parts of the MAX Lube System at a great price. These lubes were produced as a pair and were designed to work well together.

MAX Fleet

Used and endorsed by pro speedcuber Max Park, MAX Fleet is produced as a non-Newtonian piece lube with a very high molecular weight, resulting in a material with strikingly unique shear properties. MAX Fleet is extremely quick but with little to no drag.

Note: please exercise caution when dispensing MAX Fleet as it can release in a big stream if dispensed too aggressively.

MAX Command

Used and endorsed by pro speedcuber Max Park, MAX Command is a silicone-based core lube that creates smooth lubricity between metal to non-metal surfaces.

To use, dispense with green tip on springs and screws. MAX Command also works great on edge and corner tracks to give your cube extra control.

Comes with:

5cc syringe of MAX Fleet premium lubricant
5cc syringe of MAX Command premium lubricant
2x green dispensing tips