MoYu MFJS MeiLong 6x6
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MoYu MFJS MeiLong 6x6

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* ABS engineering plastic material, full primary color core, no toner.

* The cubes has stronger fault tolerance, longer service life, more stable internal structure, wear-resistant, explosive, and smooth rotation.

* Speed cubes just the size of the design, feel comfortable, rotation up more handy.

* Printed on the cubes, the design is clear and not easy to wear out, waterproof, durable, beautiful and generous.

* Stability: good stability, rapid rotation without turbulence.

* Fault Tolerance:Positive Fault tolerance is more than 45 degrees; Inverse ones is more than 25 degrees.

* Anti Pop:Adopting unique center positioning system, to prevent more POP. Recovery of 1000 times have no POP.

* Hand Feeling: Smooth and high speed.

* Great for speedcubing and competition

Name: Cubes of Moyu

Material: ABS Engineering Environmental

Plastic Color: Mutil Cubes

size: As Show

Sticker:Color sticker

Product weight: 85g

Package weight:100g


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