MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
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MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
MoYu Klotski Puzzle
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MoYu Klotski Puzzle

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数字华容道 三国华容道 Digital Klotski, Three Kingdoms Klotski
打乱常规排序 巧用逻辑复原 Disrupt conventional sorting and restore by logic
二.动手动脑 互动PK develop hands and brain, interactive PK
Digital Klotski: After shuffling the number square, try to use as few steps as possible to restore 三国华容道:帮助曹操从初始位置移动到下方出口逃走
Three Kingdoms Klotski: Help Caocao to escape from the beginning location to the below exit
内置磁铁定位 增强可控性
Built-in magnet positioning to enhance controllability
Built-in concealed magnet, beautiful and not falling, rest assured to use
四.三国典故 Three Kingdoms Allusions
Cao Cao was defeat during Klotski is a famous story about the three kingdoms. It tells that Cao Cao was defeated by Liu Bei and Sun Quan in the Battle of Chibi. When he escaped, he passed Klotski and met Zhu GeLiang’s ambush. Guan Yu helped Cao Cao to escape Klotski, due to repay Cao Cao’s kindness. The game derived from this Klotski
将曹操移出华容道即获胜 Move Cao Cao out of Klotski and win
五.数字华容道 Digital Klotski
将数字打乱后,用尽量少的步数,尽量短的时间, 将棋盘上的数字方块,按照从左到右、从上到下的顺序排列整齐。
After shuffling the numbers, use as few steps and as short a time as possible, arrange the number squares on the chessboard neatly from left to right and top to bottom.
方块打乱状态 Squares shuffling status
挑战不同难度 摸索其中奥妙
Challenge different levels of difficulty, explore the mystery
数字华容道3x3 数字华容道4x4 三国华容道4x4
Digital Klotski 3*3 Digital Klotski 4*4 Three Kingdoms Klotski 4*4
磁力版/普通版 Magnetic version/regular version
七.光滑圆角 流畅不卡顿 Smooth rounded corners, smooth and not stuck
八.三国华容道 破解教程说明书 Three Kingdoms Klotski, Crack tutorial instruction
Instruction just for three kingdoms klotski, digital klotski without instruction
多种破解教程 many crack tutorials